We are extremely grateful to our Patrons for the support they provide to the Moebius Research Trust.


David Baynton-Power

David is the drummer with Internationally renowned group James. The group are famous for hits such as Come Home, She’s a Star and Sit Down. For information about their next concerts you can visit www.wearejames.com.

‘My nephew, Isaac, has Moebius Syndrome. When George’s dad, Colin, a Trustee with the charity, approached me to be a Patron I was really happy. This is such a worthwhile cause, me and the lads from James are only too happy to help in any way we can’ explained David.


If you feel you could support the Moebius Research Trust please Contact us.

Nick Butterworth

Nick is a British writer and illustrator of children’s books whose popularity has ensured that, for nearly two decades, he has been featured in the UK top ten best sellers list for picture books.

Many parents with small children may also know Nick from his book about the bear that cannot smile, ‘Albert Le Blanc’. Whilst not about a bear with Moebius, its tender story is often used to highight that just because you can’t smile does not mean you are not happy!

David Baynton-Power

Drew McAdam

Who is Drew McAdam? Drew McAdam is an entertainer. As Scotland’s foremost mindreader (or mentalist) he blends his incredible abilities with a gentle humour to produce a challenging, yet relaxing, experience for participants and spectators alike

He can reveal the word an audience member has selected at random. He describes to a participant an event from their childhood. He bends metal cutlery simply by stroking it lightly – often assisting an audience member to do the same