Life Stories –¬†Callum Robey

Callum pre surgery

Callum post surgery

My son Callum was born with Moebius. He is now a more confident twelve year old thanks to having a pioneering operation.

When Callum was six years old he had a pioneering operation at Birmingham Children’s Hospital carried out by Mr Bruce Richards. This involved harvesting a nerve & mussel from Callum’s thigh & transplanting it to his face. Mr Richards cut down Callum’s face by his hair line, then behind his ear. He then pinned his ear & flap of skin out of the way so he could attach the harvests parts to the relevant veins.

As this transplant was carried out in one single operation & no massive scars lines(due to cutting behind his ear) it has gave Callum more confidence.

He no longer looks like he has had a stroke (so people no longer stare at him) but unfortunately he doesn’t have a perfect symmetrical smile. One side smiles & the other side goes straight across. Speaking to Callum he would definitely go through this eleven hour operation again to get the end result.

He is one very strong, inspiring little boy who due to circumstances has had to grow up very quickly. He makes me feel very proud of him with how he has coped with everything that’s thrown at him.

Just thought you would like to hear about his story.

Claire Robey (Callum’s mum)